How to choice the best Y Strainer Screen

Strainer Screen is an important component of the Y Strainer, it is a filter device for pipeline protecting. The screen must be cleaned when the strainer starts trapping dirt, and it must be replaced when the screen is broken. For the longer service timehow to choice the best Y Strainer Screen?

1. Choice the accurate filtration precision

The strainer screen usually is made by wire cloth, perforated metal or expanded metal, we need choice the appropriate and accurate mesh opening for filter material, the specification of wire cloth is called “mesh”, the perforated metal and expand metal is called “Hole Size”. What’s more, the wire diamater of wire cloth is thicker, the service time is longer, the sheet thickness of perforated metal is thicker, the service time is longer.

2. Check the structure of strainer screen

First, we need check the OD and length of screen cylinder to ensure it is can be inserted in Y type device well. Second, we will check the mesh opening, the mesh must be uniform. At last, the place of seam welding must not be damaged as the strong welding current, the space of seam is reasonable according to different OD of screen cylinder, the filtration is to be limited when the space is larger, the structure is not strong when the space is smaller.

Strainer Screen is necessary in the Y strainer, it is cleaned and replaced seasonable can protect all system capability well.


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